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Short video tutorials demonstrating various aspects of the online version of the JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) are provided in this article.

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The videos linked below were created to walk the user through general use of the ETC (first table) or provide additional details on specific ETC features (second table). For new ETC users, we recommend watching the "Introductory Series" in the order listed below. For more advanced users, or those looking to learn more about a specific feature, we recommend looking at the "Specific ETC Features" list. All currently available ETC video tutorials are listed on this page.

Also, look out for the  symbol on other ETC pages that link to a relevant video tutorial on YouTube.

The videos below, unless otherwise noted, were recorded in ETC version 1.4. While some parts of the user interface will appear different in these videos compared to the live version of the ETC, the advice and instructions given are still largely applicable.

Introductory Series

3:49This video provides a good entry point for learning how to use the JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC). It presents the different options available on the home page for working in the ETC and provides guidance for obtaining additional information.

This video discusses how to create a new ETC workbook, load existing example workbooks to use as starting point, and share ETC workbooks with other MyST users and collaborators.

Note: This video does not discuss folders, which were added in ETC 2.0. To learn more about folders, please see the JWST Exposure Time Calculator Overview.

5:51This video is a walkthrough that briefly presents the capabilities and layout of the JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC).
6:27This video demonstrates how to create scenes, add sources, and modify sources as part of performing calculations in the ETC.

Specific ETC Features

3:41This video describes how to upload user-supplied spectra to the ETC, including the proper file format to use.
3:15This video describes the various ways to specify a background in the ETC.
4:51This video describes how to use the batch expansion feature to quickly explore a range of instrument or exposure parameters in the ETC.
2:53This video describes the process of adding, updating, and removing emission lines to a source continuum in the ETC.

This video describes the two extraction strategies for the MIRI MRS and NIRSpec IFU and how to handle errors when switching strategies in the ETC.

(This video was recorded in ETC version 1.5.)

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