APT Submitting Your JWST Proposal

Notes regarding the submission of completed JWST proposals are provided in this article.

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The proposal submission process requires that:

  1. your JWST scientific proposal PDF file is complete and has been attached via the link at the bottom of the APT Proposal Information page;
  2. your observation specifications in APT have been entered and processed by the proper APT tools (e.g., Visit Planner, Smart Accounting);
  3. any APT warnings have been reviewed and all errors have been resolved.

Additionally, target confirmation charts can be viewed and/or saved as PDF files, and used to verify that each of the target coordinates entered in APT correctly positions the telescope as requested.

To submit a proposal, click on the APT Submission icon in the top tool bar and follow the instructions in the active GUI window. If any errors remain unresolved in your submission, comments may be entered in the pop-up box provided. Except in the most extenuating circumstances, it is expected that any errors remaining in the proposal will have been discussed with STScI support staff or the Help Desk, and this can also be noted. In the Submission Log window, you will see a message giving the time of the submission, the assigned proposal ID (if it's a new proposal), and the submission status.  

After submission, you can choose to save a PDF of the entire proposal (science section plus a formatted APT file). This PDF will include the proposal number, which will be useful for future tracking purposes


After the initial submission, proposals can be resubmitted as needed (up to the stated deadline), so consider making an initial submission early. The resubmission process will not assign a new number, but will track and acknowledge that this is a resubmission.

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