JWST ETC Outputs Overview

The JWST ETC provides 2D images, line plots, scalar values, warnings, and FITS downloads for evaluating calculations.

        Video Tutorial:  ETC General Overview

The JWST Exposure Time Calculator outputs 2D images, line plots, and scalar values for all the calculations it performs. Saturation warnings are provided for instances when pixels partially or fully saturate. All ETC output products and some intermediate products can be downloaded as FITS files for additional analysis.

List of articles

  1. JWST ETC Images and Plots: Description of the 2D images and line plots presented following the completion of a calculation.
  2. JWST ETC Reports: Summary of the input parameters and output values for each calculation.
  3. JWST ETC Downloads: Details of final and intermediate data output products for each calculation.



Latest updates
    Updated for ETC v1.5. Video link added.