JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Categories

General Observer (GO) proposals may be submitted for any amount of observing time on JWST. Proposals may also be submitted to financially support the Archival Research (AR) for the analysis of archival JWST data, to develop data science software to benefit the community of JWST users, or to financially support theoretical research in support of JWST observational programs. 

Overview of proposal categories

JWST observations can be requested with a General Observer (GO) Proposal, or through Director's Discretionary (DD) Time Proposals. GO proposal categories include Small, Medium, Large, Calibration, Long-Term, Treasury, and Survey. Funding for JWST-related projects that do not require new JWST observations can be requested with an Archival Research (AR) Proposal. An AR proposal can be either a Regular AR, Calibration AR, Legacy AR, Theory, or a Community Data Science Software Proposal. All GO and AR proposals are peer-reviewed by a Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC), as described in JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Selection Process. Investigators may request Director's Discretionary (DD) time at any time post-launch for unanticipated and scientifically compelling astronomical observations.

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