JWST ETC Calculations Page Overview

The JWST Exposure Time Calculator initializes a calculation once the user chooses an instrument and mode. Multiple calculations can be compared, copied, and modified in the ETC workbook. 

On this page

The Calculations page in the JWST ETC is where a user specifies an instrument and mode, the background, instrument and detector configuration, and observing setup and extraction strategy for a given calculation. This is typically done after scene(s) and source(s) of interest have been defined on the Scene and Sources page, although a default scene containing a central point source is always available. The Calculations page offers users the ability to do a comparative analysis of multiple sources or locations in the scene to determine which calculation offers the best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). 

List of articles

  1. JWST ETC Creating a New Calculation: Instructions for setting up, editing, and running calculations in the ETC.
  2. JWST ETC Backgrounds: Description of the available background options including example positions, dated backgrounds, and percentile options.
  3. JWST ETC Wavelength of Interest: Explanation of the Wavelength of Interest option and how to make best use of it for ETC calculations.
  4. JWST ETC Batch Expansions: Details on the various batch expansion options that can be used for quick exploration of SNR for different filters and detector parameters.
  5. JWST ETC Strategies: Landing page with links to individual articles on all of the available extraction strategies in the ETC.
  6. JWST ETC Target Acquisition: Landing page with links to individual articles detailing target acquisition (TA) calculations with all 4 science instruments.



Latest updates

  • Updated for ETC v1.3