Resources for MOS and MSATA Program Updates

For MOS observations, and any other NIRSpec observations that use MSATA, final planning can only be done after an aperture position angle (Aperture PA) has been assigned and any required pre-imaging has become available. At this stage, MOS observations will need to be replanned at the correct assigned angle, and reference stars will have to be identified so that MSATA can be defined. Articles useful for this phase of the observing process are compiled below.

  1. Observers may wish to reacquaint themselves with the overall process, timeline, and deadlines for submitting MOS program updates, as described in NIRSpec MOS and MSATA Observing Process.

  2. For a step-by-step summary of the needed updates, observers may find the program update section of the JWST Multi-Object Spectroscopy Roadmap useful.

  3. For detailed instructions on updating the APT file, observers should consult this article: NIRSpec MPT - MOS and MSATA Program Updates. Information in it is pertinent to all NIRSpec observations using MSATA (not just MOS).

  4. Identification of suitable MSATA reference stars is crucial to the success of the observations. Guidance on the selection of these stars (or compact galaxies) is given in NIRSpec MSATA Reference Star Selection Recommended Strategies. Likewise, resources for estimating the magnitudes of reference stars in NIRSpec's TA bands are provided.

  5. Finally, as this is the last chance to design MOS configurations for optimal science output, users may wish to revisit NIRSpec MOS Recommended Strategies.

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