Pandeia Reference Data

Information about JWST reference data and how to find the source of the reference data from the reference data files.

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Types of Reference Data

The JWST ETC reference data folder contains a number of types of data, including:

  • Background spectra
  • Extinction spectra
  • Throughput files for JWST
  • Normalization bandpasses (except HST filters, in the Synphot data package)
  • PSF datasets, for all instrument configurations.
  • Source spectral definitions (most template and model grid spectra is in the Synphot data package)

Throughput files

 The JWST throughput files are found in the pandeia data directory at "$pandeia_refdata/jwst/". Each instrument is in its own subdirectory, along with general telescope and detector information. The origin of particular reference data can often be found in the "config.json" file within a directory. For example, in "$pandeia_refdata/jwst/miri/config.json", lines 1369-1386 show the source information as follows:

        "meta": {
            "author": {
                "2016-07-21": "T. E. Pickering",
                "2017-03-31": "B. Nickson, S. Kendrew",
                "2019-08-07": "B. Holler"
            "history": {
                "2016-07-21": "Create initial template from pandeia config file",
                "2017-03-31": "Inclusion of the FASTGRPAVG read out pattern and updated nframe value for SLOW mode.",
                "2019-08-07": "Add additional FASTGRPAVG readout patterns."
            "litref": {
                "2016-07-21": "pandeia_data master",
                "2017-03-31": "None",
                "2019-08-07": "JETC-361"
            "pedigree": {
                "2016-07-21": "pandeia_data master",
                "2017-03-31": "ground",
                "2019-08-07": "ground"

Spectral libraries

The spectral libraries used by Pandeia are also found in the reference data directory, inside the "$pandeia_refdata/sed" subdirectory. General information can be found in "$pandeia_refdata/sed/config.json", whilst information about individual sources can be found at "$pandeia_refdata/sed/<type>/spectra.json", with by replacing "<type>" with an available type, e.g. brown2014 for the Brown et al. (2014) galaxy spectra. In the case of the Brown et al. galaxy spectra, the README file also contains useful information as to the source of the spectra:

These data are taken from "An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy
Distributions from the Ultraviolet to the Mid-Infrared" by
Brown et al. (2014)

The FITS files contain the spectra in the form of restframe wavelength
(Angstroms) and flux per unit wavelength (ergs/s/cm^2/Angstrom).  The FITS
files were generated from the original ASCII files using ../../devtools/

The 'summary.csv' file provided with the spectra was used as the basis for the JSON
config files. The script ../../devtools/ parses summary.csv and produces
spectra_all.json.  A display key is added to each entry to toggle whether or not the galaxy
will show up in the UI.  Edits to this key are done to spectra_all.json and then ../../devtools/
run to generate a trimmed catalog, spectra.json.

With the exception of the hst_calspec spectra, all of the actual spectrum .fits files are in the Synphot dataset, and only configuration files that map names to filenames exist in the $pandeia_refdata directories.


Brown, M. J. I. et al. 2014, ApJS, 212, 18 
An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions from the Ultraviolet to the Mid-Infrared



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