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Release DateJanuary 23, 2020
APT Version2020.1
ETC Version1.5

JWST user documentation, informally known as "JDox," is available as a collection of articles. Unlike conventional HST handbooks, JDox is intended as an agile, user-friendly source of information that follows the Wikipedia-like Every Page is Page One (EPPO) philosophy. Our goal is to provide short, focused, well-linked articles that provide the kinds of information found in traditional HST instrument handbooks, data handbooks, and calls for proposals.  These articles go on to provide details about the observatory and instruments, descriptions of tools used for proposing, advice on observing strategies, roadmaps that guide users through the proposal preparation process, as well as information about calibration and analysis of JWST data. 

Downloadable PDF collections of the documentation are provided as a courtesy, made available and updated when feasible. The online documentation is the most up-to-date authority.JDox is made possible by the following contributing authors:

S. Alberts, C. Alves de Oliveira, T. Beck, S. Birkmann, B. Blacker, W. Blair, T. Böeker, M. L. Boyer, G. Brammer, B. Brooks, R. Brown, H. Bushouse, A. Canipe, L. Chambers, C. Chen, D. Coe, M. Correnti, M. Cracraft, A. Deshpande, R. Diaz, R. Downes, N. Earl, N. Espinoza, H. Ferguson, P. Ferruit, J. Filippazzo,  P. Forshay, O. Fox, J. Fraine, A. Fullerton, M. Garcia Marin, G. Giardino, K. Gilbert, J. Girard, K. Gordon, C. Gosmeyer, P. Goudfrooij, T. Greene, B. Hagan, J. Hargis, R. Hawkins, A. Henry, B. Hilbert, D. Hines, S. Holfeltz, B. Holler, J. Hunkeler, G. Kanarek, D. Karakla, S. Kassin, S. Kendrew, T. Keyes, A. Koekemoer, S. La Massa, D. Law, J. Lee, P-L Lim, J. Leisenring, J. Lotz, N. Lützgendorf , L. McCuen, S. Milam, A. Moro-Martin, K. Murray, J. Muzerolle, E. Nelan, B. Nickson, M. Oboryshko, P. Ogle, S. Osborne, C. Pavlovsky, M. Pena-Guerrero, M. Perrin, K. Peterson, N. Pirzkal, K. Pontoppidan, C. Proffitt, E. Puga, L. Pueyo, S. Ravindranath, T. Rawle, N. Reid, M. Ressler, A. Riedel, G. Rieke, M. Rieke, J. Rigby, C. Ritchie, M. Robberto, J. Sahlmann, B. Sargent, E. Schlawin, R. Shaw, M. Sirianni, A. Sivaramakrishnan, G. Sloan, D. Soderblom, G. Sonneborn, J. Stansberry, K. Stevenson, L. Strolger, T. Temim, D. Thatte, L. Ubeda, J. Valenti, K. Volk, G. Wahlgren, B. Williams, C. Willmer, E. Wislowski, B. York

JDox team

JDox Project Scientist
Ori Fox
Jennifer Lotz (previous)

JDox Deputy Project Scientist
Stephanie La Massa
Dan Coe (previous)
Dave Soderblom (previous)

JWST User Support Project Scientist
William Blair

JDox IT Technologist
Paul Mulgrew

JDox Content and Technical Editors
Shireen Gonzaga, Susan Rose

JDox NASA Reviewers
Susan Neff
Jane Rigby
George Sonneborn (previous)

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Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) 2017- MIRI Coronagraphic Imaging, JWST User Documentation [Published 2017 December 22] Baltimore, MD, https://jwst-docs.stsci.edu/mid-infrared-instrument/miri-observing-modes/miri-coronagraphic-imaging