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The JWST Data articles have been extensively reorganized, including the addition of new pages and some depreciated pages






Notable updates to JDox articles since  


ArticleUpdated onUpdate description
Observatory → Observatory Hardware
JWST Wavefront Sensing and Control


Updated Figure 2, trending of the wavefront error in the science era
Observatory → Observatory Characteristics
JWST Position Angles, Ranges, and Offsets


Updated PA for MIRI using the value in pysiaf
JWST Guide Stars


Updated guide star acquisition success rate value
Instruments → MIRI
MIRI MRS Dedicated Sky Observations


Note about a bug in APT 2023.5.2 was added


Updated to add description of the MRS background dither and Imager pointing.
MIRI Bright Source Limits


Updated for Cycle 3 based on in-flight measurements and ETC 3.0
MIRI Sensitivity


Sensitivity plot updated based on ETC 3.0
MIRI MRS Recommended Strategies


Dedicated background recommendations updated for Cycle 3
MIRI MRS Simultaneous Imaging


Updated to include new image-optimized dither option available in Cycle 3
MIRI MRS PSF and Dithering


Updated for Cycle 3 with description of background dither pattern
MIRI Medium Resolution Spectroscopy


Updated resolving power with additional in-flight measurements and added information on working with MRS data products 
Instruments → NIRCam
NIRCam Absolute Flux Calibration and Zeropoints


Updated to describe the latest delivery to CRDS (pmap 1126)

NIRCam Coronagraphic Occulting Masks and Lyot Stops


Added text relevant to new dual-channel imaging mode

NIRCam Coronagraphic Target Acquisition


Streamlined and revised text to reflect dual-channel mode starting in Cycle 2. Added Table 1 summarizing coronagraphic TA specs. Simplified Figure 1 to emphasize SAM offsets.

NIRCam Coronagraphic Imaging APT Template


Clarified information about new dual-channel imaging. Replaced Table 1 with one limited to science subarrays. Expanded instructions for PSF reference observations and special requirements.

NIRCam Coronagraphic Imaging


Revised annotation for Figure 1. Expanded Table 1 to compare nominal and end-to-end IWAs of bar occulters. New Figure 2 showing default locations of targets along bar occulters in primary channel. New Figure 3 comparing dual-channel subarray FOVs.

NIRCam WFSS Backgrounds


Figure captions revised to clarify that these are simulated backgrounds meant to show the grism/filter/module dependent variation in the shape of the background in WFSS observations as well as the imprint caused by the coronagraph when using Grism C

NIRCam WFSS Field of View


Updated to reflect the current status and understanding of the calibration as of this date

NIRCam Grism Time Series


Updated Figures 2 & 3 with the in-flight throughputs

Instruments → NIRISS
NIRISS GR150 Grisms


Updated to plot the Photon-to-electron conversion efficiency rather than the grism only throughputs. Also provided data files for the PCE curves.



Updated conflicting info about the wavelength dispersion



Updated to show the Photon-to-electron conversion efficiency curves for GR700XD rather than grism-only throughput. Also uploaded the data file for the curves.

NIRISS Sensitivity


Updated to match ETC 3.0 sensitivities. Biggest change is to assume a default extraction aperture of 2.5 pixels for sensitivity calculations. 

NIRISS Aperture Masking Interferometry


Updated dithering section and added discussion about flat field errors

NIRISS Bright Limits


Updated bright limits to be consistent with ETC v. 3.0. AMI bright limits show greatest change due to signal limit decrease from 30,000 e- to 20,000 e- to mitigate impacts of charge migration.

NIRISS SOSS Recommended Strategies


Added information gathered during Cycle 1 about NIRISS/SOSS backgrounds

NIRISS Single-Object Slitless Spectroscopy APT Template


Added documentation about short optional exposure before a F277W exposure

NIRISS SOSS Time-Series Observations of WASP-39


Changed target to WASP-39b

Step-by-Step ETC Guide for NIRISS SOSS Time-Series Observations of WASP-39


Changed target to WASP-39b. Calculations made with ETC v.3.0.

Step-by-Step APT Guide for NIRISS SOSS Time-Series Observations of WASP-39


Updated target to WASP-39b. Change text for phase-constraint to link to ExoCTK.

NIRISS AMI Observations of Extrasolar Planets Around a Host Star


Figures 1 and 2 target visibility tool plots updated for Cycle 3

Step-by-Step ETC Guide for NIRISS AMI Observations of Extrasolar Planets Around a Host Star


Updated with new ETC 3.0 sensitivities

Step-by-Step APT Guide for NIRISS AMI Observations of Extrasolar Planets Around a Host Star


Updated with new ETC 3.0 sensitivities

NIRISS AMI Recommended Strategies


Updated to note that APT 2023.5 (release date Aug. 24 '23) has filter-dependent offsets applied between TA in AMIBRIGHT mode and the science target, so removed the suggestions that users could apply their own OFFSET Special Requirement when defining observations.

Updated discussion of charge migration.



Updated AMI 5-step subpixel dither values for APT 2023.5 and recommendation to use the 5-step sub-pixel dither pattern

NIRISS Aperture Masking Interferometry APT Template


Updated AMI dithers section

Instruments → NIRSpec


Candidate sets can now be filtered by coordinates


Major edits to reflect updates made to the Catalog ingest and filtering options in APT


Noted that Verify_Only selection in APT now has appropriate warnings.


Noted what is needed to move a MOS program from implementation to scheduling.


Added information about APA change requests


Added new section to describe limiting shutters to those unaffected by cutoffs.


Added new planning parameter to allow multiple sources in a shutter, in APT 2023.5


IFU, MOS, and FS limiting sensitivity figures replaced and text edited for ETC changes


FS, MOS, and IFU bright limits figures updated


Added Figure 1 showing contaminants in the MSA Shutter View


Added text about use of extended objects. Updated language in 1st warning with more detailed discussion of impact of a single saturated pixel. Added an additional warning discussing very faint targets that might be invisible to the WATA algorithm


Under "Approximate brightness limits for MSATA", added text to better explain why we are still using pre-launch reference star magnitude limits in APT


Additional updated description of deadlines

Proposal Preparation → JWST General Support
JWST Instrument Overheads


Updated Table 1 with current (early Cycle 2) overheads and footnoted caveats. Added APT version for provided values in text
Proposal Preparation → Methods and Roadmaps
JWST Parallel Observations


Added a file containing data used to generate Figure 1 in item 9 of the "Pure Parallels FAQ" section


Added a pure parallel FAQ section. The section includes information on slots availability in Cycles 1 and 2, and number of minimum and maximum slots duration per visit in Cycle 2.
JWST Imaging


Updated Figure 3, JWST imaging sensitivity, to use sensitivities from ETC 3.0
JWST Integral Field Spectroscopy


Updated for Cycle 3 to add information on undersampling and covariance
JWST Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy


Added dispersion for NIRISS and NIRCam in Å/pixel
Tutorial on Creating Solar System Targets in APT


Added information about issues parsing some minor body names
Proposing Tools → Exposure Time Calculator 
JWST ETC Source Spectral Energy Distributions


Update includes new stellar spectra categories
JWST ETC IFU Strategies


Added information about the new IFU Aperture Photometry strategy
Proposing Tools → Other Tools
JWST General Target Visibility Tool Help


Updated for JWST General Target Visibility Tool (GTVT) version 1.0.1 (bug fix)
ExoCTK Contamination Overlap Tool


Updated images of the field descriptions and plots produced by ExoCTK after the deployment of v1.2.5
ExoCTK Limb Darkening Calculator Tool


Planetary Parameters text and figures added to show SPAM coefficient support
JWST Moving Target Visibility Tool Help


Updated for JWST Moving Target Visibility Tool (MTVT) version 1.0
JWST General Target Visibility Tool Help


Updated for JWST General Target Visibility Tool (GTVT) version 1.0
NIRSpec Observation Visualization Tool Help


Updated usage and screenshots for reimplemented interface

Data → Calibration Pipeline Caveats


Updates are available here


Updates are available here


Updated minimum CRDS context for MIRI coronagraphic modes


Added note about point vs extended source flux calibration


Updated to reflect latest MRS photometric calibration.


Updated for build 9.3, added information about future pipeline enhancements


Updated to reflect updated to pipeline for spectral extraction and bad pixel replacement

JWST Data Calibration Considerations
JWST Calibration Uncertainties


Updated SOSS wavelength calibration accuracy


Updated NIRCam coronagraphy photometric calibration section

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