JWST Recommended Observing Strategies

Articles, based on the best pre-launch information and post-launch inflight performance, are available to help JWST observers make informed choices in selecting JWST instruments and modes. 

JWST offers a broad array of instrument observing modes covering the wavelength range of 0.6–28.5 μm. Even though proposers use pre-defined observation templates to define their requested observations, there are still a variety of options that a proposer must consider. Specific aspects, such as target acquisition, detector readout patterns, dithering, and planning for proper background corrections (if necessary) need to be considered for obtaining good quality data.

This page provides links to instrument-specific articles that offer advice to proposers for selecting the proper instruments and observing parameters to support their science cases.

MIRI Observing Strategies 
NIRCam Observing Strategies 
NIRISS Observing Strategies 
NIRSpec Observing Strategies

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