APT Target Confirmation Charts

Target coordinates and JWST pointing can be verified by viewing the coordinate position superimposed onto digital sky data.

See also:  a static walkthrough example, and also a video help example: Making APT Target Confirmation Charts.

Target Confirmation* charts are a functionality within APT that provides users with a convenient way to verify that their target coordinates are going to position the telescope in the expected place. This functionality works exactly the same between the HST and JWST branches of APT. For each fixed target, a target confirmation chart appears in a separate pop up window from within APT.  If you have entered proper motion information into the APT target GUI for a target, this gets applied to the position shown on the PDF chart.   If desired, they can be saved as PDF files into your local directory space for future reference. Figure 1 shows an example.

* Bold italics style indicates words that are also parameters or buttons in software tools (like the APT and ETC). Similarly, a bold style represents menu items and panels.

An Example target confirmation chart

Figure 1. An example of a target confirmation chart

An example target confirmation chart, which can be viewed in your screen or saved to a PDF file for future reference. The panel of the left is approximately 8 arcmin on a side, while the panel at right zooms in to a 1.5 arcmin region near the target position.



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