Archival (AR) Proposals

Observations that are no longer in the exclusive access period are freely available for analysis by scientists through retrieval from the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). For JWST Cycle 1, this includes all Director's Discretionary Early Release Science datasets, which have no exclusive access period, and some approved GTO program datasets (see and 

The JWST Archival Research (AR) Program can provide financial support for the analysis of such data sets (as Regular or Legacy AR proposals), or the theory (as AR Theory) or science software (as Community Data Science Software Proposals) which maximize their use. There is also an opportunity to support calibration activities (as Calibration AR Proposals) beyond what is produced by the standard calibration pipeline. All AR Proposals must include an analysis plan. Proposals for AR funding are considered at the same time, and by the same reviewers, as proposals for observing time, on the same basis. 

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