JWST APT Observation Templates

JWST observations of a target are planned in APT using an observation template for a JWST instrument observing mode. 

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Observations are specified in the Astronomers Proposal Tool, APT, by selecting a target and an instrument observing mode. Each observing mode has a corresponding APT template that allows the user to specify parameters appropriate to that mode of operation. A JWST observing proposal is a set of observations specified by filling out one or more of these templates in APT. A proposal may call for multiple templates from any of the 4 JWST instruments, depending on the science goals of the program. Separate observations must be specified when using different JWST instrument observing modes for a given target, except when used in coordinated science parallels.

MIRI APT templates

NIRCam APT templates

NIRSpec APT templates

NIRISS APT templates

Creating coordinated science parallel observations

Coordinated parallel observations can be specified in APT for the combinations of templates mentioned below. Such observations are defined within the same APT proposal as the primary observations. More information about specifying coordinated parallel observations is provided in the APT Coordinated Parallel Observations article. 

  • NIRCam Imaging + MIRI Imaging (and vice versa)
  • NIRCam Imaging + NIRISS Imaging
  • NIRCam Imaging + NIRISS WFSS (and vice versa)
  • NIRCam WFSS + MIRI Imaging
  • NIRCam WFSS + NIRISS Imaging
  • MIRI Imaging + NIRISS WFSS (and vice versa)
  • NIRSpec MOS + NIRCam Imaging
  • NIRSpec MOS + MIRI Imaging

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