JWST Calibration Status

The JWST calibration pipeline and reference files are continually evolving, both in response to changes onboard the Observatory and as better calibrations and data processing algorithms are designed. As a result, users are encouraged to ensure that they are always working with the latest versions of both the pipeline software and the corresponding reference files. The articles listed below provide details about the calibration quality of the latest JWST data products, including the accuracy of the astrometric, wavelength, and spectrophotometric calibrations. Note that all wavelength information is given in the barycentric vacuum rest frame.

Calibration information is provided for each of the JWST science instrument individually.  See

Please also refer to the "What's New" section for the latest build and articles on known issues with JWST data, as well as JWST Absolute Flux Calibration for information about the cross-instrument absolute flux calibration program.

Notable updates

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