Cycle 3 GTO Proposal Submission Process

The process for JWST Cycle 3 Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) proposals is described in this article.

GTOs wishing to submit Cycle 3 GTO program should first reach out to Tony Roman who will create skeleton GTO programs. Each skeleton program will be almost entirely empty but will have a new Program Identification (PID) number.

JWST Cycle 3 GTO science proposals must be submitted using the Astronomer's Proposal Tool version 2023.3 (to be released in May 2023) using the Program ID numbers provided by Tony Roman. JWST Cycle 3 GO science proposals will be submitted using APT version 2023.5. If additional observatory capabilities are made available between the Cycle 3 GTO and GO proposal deadlines, then the GTOs will be provided an opportunity to revise their observations to include the capabilities available to Cycle 3 GO observers.

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