Observations of Targets That Have Not Yet Been Discovered or Identified

 Investigators may wish to propose for JWST observations of targets that have not yet been discovered or identified. With the exception of NIRSpec MOS observations that require pre-imaging (see Follow-up Observations of JWST Pre-imaging), such proposals are generally allowed only if there is a certain time-criticality to the observations, where proposing for the same observations in the next regular review cycle (after the target has been discovered) would be impossible or would make the observations more difficult (e.g., the object fades rapidly, or its temporal behavior is important), or would lead to diminished scientific returns. Those criteria are generally satisfied for GO observations of ToO targets, and there may also be other circumstances in which proposals for such targets are justified. However, in the absence of demonstrated time-criticality, observations will generally not be approved for targets that have not yet been discovered or identified. Examples of targets that are not suitable for this type of proposal include color-selected galaxies, transiting exoplanets or stars newly discovered in the course of an ongoing survey.

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