Links to video help and tutorials on JWST data calibration and analysis, as presented in the JWebbinar series, as well as pointers to supporting materials from those webinars, are available in this article.

Looking for Proposal Planning help?  See Proposal Planning Video Tutorials.

Looking for JDAT data analysis tool help? See JWST Data Analysis Video Tutorials.

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JWST Observer YouTube channel

The JWST Observer YouTube channel hosts playlists for many different aspects of JWST support, from proposal planning to archived JWST town halls and other relevant materials.

There are 2 playlists of interest for accessing help with data handling and processing: one is called JWST Data Analysis and another called JWebbinars. The JWST Data Analysis playlist provides access to video help for the JDAviz analysis tools such as Imviz, Specviz, Cubeviz and MOSviz. For quick reference, a Master Table of DA tool support videos is also maintained in JDox, but everything can also be accessed from the home page of the JWST Observer YouTube home page.

For reference, Figure 1 shows the appearance of the JWebbinars playlist section on the JWST Observer YouTube home page (you may need to scroll down the page to find the playlist).

The remainder of this article concentrates on the JWebbinar videos and support materials.

JWebbinar video clips and supporting materials

In 2021, STScI organized and hosted multiple sessions of 12 different community training webinars on various aspects of the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline and on post-pipeline data analysis tools. In 2022 and beyond, the webinar sessions on these subjects and others continued, making use of lessons learned from post-launch commissioning. These sessions, called JWebbinars, provided users with general background and supporting materials such as Jupyter notebooks and overview PowerPoint presentations.

JWebbinars are recorded in real time, and useful sections of the longer videos have been excerpted into training tutorials for general use by the community. Access to these materials are provide via 2 primary means: directly through the JWST Observer YouTube channel, or via a JWebbinar host page on the JWST Observer website. Guidance for accessing these materials are provided below.

Video help available through the JWST Observer YouTube channel and linked to JDox pages continues to be updated over time with JWebbinar content beginning in 2021 and continuing to the present.

The JWST Observer YouTube channel  home page format only shows the first handful of available videos. On the bar showing the webinar icons, you can see more entries by scrolling right, using the arrow (in the red circle labeled A in Figure 1). This interface only shows the first 12 videos of a playlist, but if more are available, they are not visible using this interface. In this case, with several videos from each of the different JWebbinars, there are over 100 videos available. To access a full listing of videos in the playlist, click the PLAY ALL arrow as shown in Figure 1, which will advance to the display shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. JWST Observer YouTube home page, showing the JWebbinars playlist

Click on the image for a larger view.

You may need to scroll down the home page to find the JWebbinars playlist bar, as shown above. The JWST Observer YouTube playlist bars only show a subset of all available videos. Clicking the arrow labeled "A" shows more videos, but still, not all available videos are displayed. To see the entire video collection, click the playlist name "JWebbinars", as indicated by the arrow labeled "B," then refer to Figure 2. Note the URLs to the JWST Observer webpage and social media sites shown by the arrow labeled "C," which is discussed in the text. 

Clicking on the playlist name will take you to the screen shown in Figure 2, listing all the videos currently available in the JWebbinar playlist. The size of your browser window will determine how many videos are shown at one time.
Figure 2. Result of clicking on the playlist name on the home page, revealing the full JWebbinar playlist

Click on the image for a larger view.

A small selection of the full JWebbinar playlist. Scroll up and down in your browser to view the full list of available videos. Click on any video of interest to play it. 

Alternate access to videos and additional training materials

The materials assembled to support each of the JWebbinars have been archived for use in individual self-directed training on the JWST Observer JWebbinar site, under the Materials and Videos tab (see Figures 3 and 4). These materials include the overview PowerPoint presentations that were used in each JWebbinar, any Jupyter notebooks or other support materials that were provided, and links to the videos that were excerpted from each JWebbinar recording. The video links point directly to the same videos hosted on the JWST Observer YouTube channel, but users may find this interface more useful for locating the specific videos and topics of interest to them.

Figure 3. JWebbinar webpage containing support materials and videos

Click on the image for a larger view.

The JWebbinar webpage on the JWST Observer website is used both for registration for JWebbinar sessions and for archiving materials for future access. See Figure 4 for an example.

Figure 4. Example of materials available through the Materials & Videos tab

Click on the image for a larger view.

Materials and videos for each of the JWebbinars are available via the Materials & Videos tab. Each of the red entries is a link to the indicated materials, from PowerPoint presentations to Jupyter notebooks for use in training, to the video help, conveniently organized by JWebbinar. This example shows the first 2 JWebbinars only. Scanning through this listing provides the best overview of all topics covered by the JWebbinar series.

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