Calibration GO Proposals

JWST is a complex observatory, with many possible instrument configurations. Calibrations and calibration software are maintained by STScI for the most important and most used configurations. However, STScI does not have the resources to calibrate fully all potential capabilities of all instruments. Additionally, the astronomical community has expressed interest in receiving support to perform calibrations for certain uncalibrated or poorly calibrated modes, or to develop specialized software for certain JWST calibrations. In recognition of this, STScI is encouraging users to submit Calibration Proposals, which aim to fill gaps in the calibration of JWST and its instruments.

Calibration Proposals should not be linked to a specific science program, but should provide a calibration or calibration software that can be used by the community for existing or future programs. A specific science program that has special calibration requirements is not a Calibration Proposal; such a proposal should be submitted as a normal GO Proposal and the necessary calibration observations should be included in the science program. Users submitting Calibration Proposals must contact the appropriate instrument team at STScI (via the helpdesk) to discuss their program prior to submission. Failure to do so will result in automatic rejection of the proposal.

Successful proposers will be required to deliver documentation, data products and/or software to STScI to be made available to the community to support future observing programs or archival research. Funding is available to support Calibration Proposals in the same manner as for normal science programs, with the following exception: Scientists affiliated with STScI are not eligible for any funding to support their role (as PI or Co-I) in a Calibration Proposal.

Calibration Proposals will be reviewed internally at STScI by the Instruments Division. The internal review will provide the TAC with an assessment of the feasibility of the proposal, how the proposal complements/extends the existing calibration program, and the type of science impacted by the proposed calibrations. Proposers should summarize the relevance and overall scientific utility of the calibration techniques and products described in their proposal.

Investigators interested in submitting a Calibration Proposal are encouraged to study the JWST User Documentation to determine the level at which STScI provides calibration and characterization. The data obtained for a GO Calibration Proposal will nominally have no exclusive access period, as is the case for regular calibration observations. Proposers may request an exclusive access period (which should be explained in the "Special Requirements" section of the proposal), but such a request will be subject to panel and TAC review and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Calibration Proposals can also be submitted as Survey Proposals or Archival Proposals. AR Proposals are appropriate in cases where the necessary data have already been taken, or for programs that do not require specific data but aim to develop specialized software for certain JWST calibration and data reduction tasks.

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