JWST Help Desk

The JWST Help Desk is your one-stop shop for accessing expert help about any aspect of the JWST project.  If you have any questions that are not easily answered within JDox, please use this link to access the resources provided by the Help Desk:


This web portal, powered by ServiceNow, offers the following features:

  • Announcements on the front page
  • Knowledge Base articles addressing frequently asked questions
  • Search bar for JDox and Knowledge Base articles
  • Cards to submit your question directly to the appropriate experts
  • One-stop access to all your previously submitted questions

Any user unable to access ServiceNow should e-mail helpsn(at)stsci(dot)edu for assistance.

Figure 1. JWST Help Desk web portal

The front page of the JWST Help Desk offers a search bar and links to a Knowledge Base, help topics, announcements, and more.

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