NIRISS Imaging Dithers

JWST NIRISS imaging is only offered as a coordinated parallel mode. Dither patterns are therefore selected in the APT interface of the prime science instrument.

See also: NIRISS Imaging, JWST Parallel Observations, APT Coordinated Parallel Observations

The NIRISS imaging mode will not be available as a prime observing mode for GO programs, but it will be allowed as a "parallel" mode in science parallels. As such, dithering will be selected through the APT template of the prime instrument mode. In the case of coordinated parallels, the prime instrument's template will allow the user to select customized dither patterns that work well for both the prime and the parallel instrument modes. Note that direct imaging with NIRISS will be severely affected by undersampling at λ ≤ 4 μm. Thus, dithering is important for this mode.

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