JWST User Video Tutorials

Helpful video tutorials are available on many topics related to JWST proposal preparation and JWST data processing and subsequent analysis.

These videos are available primarily on the JWST Observer YouTube channel.

The JDox articles listed below are available to help you efficiently navigate to these resources.

  • Proposal Planning Video Tutorials
    This articles includes links to videos showing tips and examples of using APT, ETC, and NIRSpec tools.

  • JWebbinars
    This article provides guidance on accessing videos and other materials about the data reduction and analysis pipeline. These videos and supporting material were presented in the 2021 JWebbinar series. They provided background information and covered specific issues about the state of the pipeline at that time. The videos are hosted on the JWST Observer YouTube channel and links to the supporting materials can be found in the "Materials and Videos" section of the JWST Observer JWebbinar webpage.

  • Jdaviz Tutorials
    This article provides a master list of video help specifically for the JWST Data Analysis Visualization (Jdaviz) tools.

Notable updates
    Added new information on JWST data analysis tools 
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