JWST Science Calibration Pipeline Algorithm Documentation

The structure and step-by-step algorithms for the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline are documented along with the process that is used for deciding the calibration pipeline algorithms as well as any updates. 

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Science calibration pipeline organization

The JWST science calibration pipeline (Bushouse et al. 2023) consists of 3 stages. Each stage consists of many steps organized in modules. Where practical, calibration pipeline stages and steps are shared across instruments and observing modes. For example, the near-infrared instruments use similar detectors, allowing similar calibration steps in the initial detector processing stage. In later stages of the science calibration pipeline, significantly different steps are needed leading to an increasing divergence in the steps used to process the data (e.g., imaging versus spectroscopy).


The details of the algorithms are given in the Stages of JWST Data Processing article. The algorithms are the result of input from the instrument teams and a few mode specific working groups. The information regarding who provides input and how these are  implemented is given in the Algorithm Decisions article.


Bushouse, H., et al. 2023, Zenodo
JWST Calibration Pipeline.

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