JWST Science Calibration Pipeline Overview

The JWST Science Calibration Pipeline is a Python software suite for processing data taken by the JWST instruments NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS, MIRI, and FGS.

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The JWST Science Calibration Pipeline (Bushouse et al. 2023),  processes data from all instruments and observing modes, producing both fully calibrated individual exposures and high level data products (mosaics, extracted spectra, etc.). It is organized in stages by type of observations.

These JDox pages describe the baseline version of the calibration pipeline as envisioned for operations. For more in-depth information on the stages of processing for the calibration pipeline, please see the official software documentation.

For information on citing your data reduction for publication, see the guidelines in How to Cite JWST Data Reductions and Reference Files


Bushouse, H., et al. 2023, Zenodo
JWST Calibration Pipeline.

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