JDox Updates 28 Jan - May 31 2023

A list of JWST User Documentation (JDox) articles updated from 28 January to May 31, 2023, are provided in this page.  

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New JDox articles from 28 January to May 31, 2023

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Proposing Opportunities

JWST Peer Review Information - Cycle 2
(This article and its child pages cover the Cycle 2 TAC process; for brevity, child pages are not listed here)







Notable updates to JDox articles from 28 January to May 31, 2023

ArticleUpdated onUpdate description
Instruments → MIRI
MIRI Instrument Features and Caveats


Added information about the imager scar
MIRI Coronagraphic Imaging APT Template


Updated to include information about the ability to use the FULL array for coronagraphy
MIRI Imaging Mosaics


Changed the section on subarrays to reflect the new default overlap of 20%
MIRI TSO Recommended Strategies


Added new info on verification images
MIRI LRS Slitless Target Acquisition


Updated info on verification images
MIRI LRS Slit Target Acquisition


Updated information on custom TA Verification image exposures


Updates for TA verification image changes
MIRI LRS Recommended Strategies


Added new information for verification image
Instruments → NIRCam
NIRCam Imaging APT Template


Added Target Placement section to document this new option available in APT 2023.1.1 

NIRCam Apertures


Added aperture "As" to Figure 1 and Table 1. This is a new option for Target Placement.

NIRCam Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy APT Template


Added text that APT Aladin shows the "full spectrum" FOV

Instruments → NIRISS
NIRISS Point Spread Functions


Updated encircled energy data ASCII table

NIRISS Aperture Masking Interferometry


Updated to include a section to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of space-based aperture masking interferometry.

NIRISS Single Object Slitless Spectroscopy


Updated Figure 2, layout of GR700XD spectra on the detector

NIRISS Bright Limits


Updated AMI bright limits after fixing bug in sensitivity code.

NIRISS Generic Recommended Strategies


Added section discussing how to use the APT Aladin Viewer to check for spoiler stars in the susceptibility region capable of producing the "light saber" scattered light feature in WFSS and imaging observations.

NIRISS Instrument Features and Caveats


Updated the section describing the "light saber" scattered light feature to point to NIRISS Generic Recommended Strategies article for advice on how to check whether a WFSS or imaging observation might be affected by this feature.

Instruments → NIRSpec


Clarified what is needed for the Initial MOS Program Update deadline


Updated description of deadlines


Added information about assigned angle changes


Added MOS+FS mode description, indicated the PRISM target separation


Added a section on sub-shutter dithers


Improved MSA layout diagrams (Figure 1 and Figure 4). Expanded the MSA shutter operability section and updated the operability statistics. Updated the operability map (Figure 5)


Removed text about confirmation images not being allowed with parallels


Removed text about confirmation images not being allowed with parallels


Removed text about confirmation images not being allowed with parallels


Corrected value for SLIT_ID 25, G395H_MIN
Proposal Preparation → Methods and Roadmaps
Moving Target Acquisition and Tracking


Added information about visit duration warning in APT

Data → Science Calibration Pipeline Overview


Updated "Known issues" to warn users about issues with installation


Update to note that the snowball/shower correction in the jump step is turned off, by default, in the operational pipeline


Updated with information about build 9.1.2


Added information about build 9.1

Articles updated prior to January 28, 2023 

Articles updated prior to January 27, 2023 are listed at JDox Updates 12 July - 6 December 2022.

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