Pointing Only Template Parameters

JWST's Pointing Only Template, available in the Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT), is used for visits that point the telescope without any science operations.

Purple text indicates the parameter is Limited Access.

Boldface italics type indicates the name of an APT parameter or a value for a parameter.

(warning)Red text indicates restrictions on a parameter.

(red star) Black text indicates an important note.

Brown text indicates notes for the developers.

Green text indicates the name of the parameter used by Commanding.

Items in brackets - <value> - are required values.

Items in square brackets - [<value>] - are optional.

The "Pointing Only" visit allows a user to specify a telescope pointing (optional) and duration in order to point and wait the telescope without any science operations. The following Special Requirements are automatically included: PCS MODE COARSE,  NO PARALLEL , REQUIRED, and SPECIAL COMMANDING POINTING ONLY. The Pointing Only Visit will not be scheduled during a realtime commanding period by default.

If the SPECIAL COMMANDING POINTING ONLY requirement is not given, then the visit will slew to the defined pointing and then wait a given amount of time, per the DURATION field. OPGS will generate the slew and wait commands in the visit file. If SPECIAL COMMANDING POINTING ONLY is given, the same visit file will result, but process checks will allow for the visit file to be modified with special commanding calls before the visit file is validated. In this case, the DURATION needs to be about the time expected for the special commanding to occur, to allow enough time on the schedule.

Note for developer: If the SPECIAL COMMANDING POINTING ONLY is removed, generate a warning. If any of the other special requirements are removed, generate an error.

The following parameters are used to define Pointing Only observation.

General Information
Observation Numberassign observation numbernumber
Observation Labelprovide observation labeltext
Observation Commentsprovide observation commentstext
Target Nameselect Target Namechoose from listfrom Target List
Special Requirementsspecify special requirementschoose from listif needed
Template specific information
Apertureselect aperturechoose from listif target is selected
Durationspecify durationnumberseconds

General Information  

The following parameters are generic to all templates, and are not discussed in this article: Observation Number,  Observation Label, Observation Comments, Target Name, and Special Requirements.

Target Name

Select the TARGET NAME [TBD] from the list of targets previously entered; see list of targets.


Select an Aperture. Any legal value in the SIAF is allowed.

Note for developer: This is an expert user, so allowing any SIAF aperture (other than TRANSFORM type) should be fine, with no need to massage the name.



Specify an amount of time required, in integer seconds, for the visit to complete. (warning)A value is required.

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