MIRI Anneal Template Parameters

JWST's MIRI Anneal Engineering template, available in the Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT), is used for calibration observations for the MIRI instrument.   


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Purple text indicates the parameter is Limited Access.

Boldface italics type indicates the name of an APT parameter or a value for a parameter.

(warning)Red text indicates restrictions on a parameter.

(red star) Black text indicates an important note.

Brown text indicates notes for the developers.

Green text indicates the name of the parameter used by Commanding.

Items in brackets - <value> - are required values.

Items in square brackets - [<value>] - are optional.

This parameter is required to obtain Anneal observations. Note that this type of observation COULD (if proven) be obtained as a parallel to normal science observations. Detector anneals will be performed to treat cosmic ray damage. During the anneals, the specified MIRI detector will be heated up to ~15-20K above its nominal operating temperature and MIRI will not be usable

MIRI Anneal operations are expected (but not required) to be done in parallel with a slew (see Parallel and No Parallel Special Requirement Rules).

(warning) When used with both a PARALLEL and a SEQUENCE OBSERVATIONS [NON-INTERRUPTIBLE] special requirement, the next observation in the sequence may not be a MIRI observation.

The MIRI Anneal Engineering template consists of the following parameters:

General Information 
 Observation Numberassign observation numbernumber
 Observation Label provide observation labeltestoptional
 Observations Comments  provide observation commentstestoptional
Special Requirementsspecify special requirementschoose from listif needed
Template Specific Information
Detectorselect detectorchoose from list

General Information 



This parameter specifies the detector that is to be used.

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