NIRSpec Focus Reference Template Parameters

JWST's NIRSpec Focus Reference template, available in the Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT), is used for calibration observations to perform Focus Reference observations.

Purple text indicates the parameter is Limited Access.

Boldface italics type indicates the name of an APT parameter or a value for a parameter.

(warning)Red text indicates restrictions on a parameter.

(red star) Black text indicates an important note.

Brown text indicates notes for the developers.

Green text indicates the name of the parameter used by Commanding.

Items in brackets - <value> - are required values.

Items in square brackets - [<value>] - are optional.

These parameters are required to reset the focus to one of two reference positions. This engineering operation is useful when the RMA location is unknown (for example, during commissioning) or lost (for example, if the ICSW is restarted, which resets the focus counter).

The following parameters define NIRSpec Focus Reference.

General Information
Observation Numberassign observation numbernumber
Observation Labelprovide observation labeltextoptional
Observation Commentsprovide observation commentstextoptional
Special Requirementsspecify special requirementschoose from listif needed
Template specific information
Directionselect focus directionFORWARD, REVERSE
Positionselect focus positionMID_STROKE, LAUNCH

 General information  

The following parameters are generic to all templates, and are not discussed in this article:  Observation Number, Observation Label, Observation Comments,   and Special Requirements.



This parameter specified the direction in which the focus should be moved.



This parameter specifies the reference position that the focus should be moved to.

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