WFSC Commissioning Control Only

JWST's WFSC Commissioning  Control Only Template, available in the Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT),  is used in commissioning activities to execute a set of WFSC mirror moves with no imaging.


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Purple text indicates the parameter is Limited Access.

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(warning)Red text indicates restrictions on a parameter.

(red star) Black text indicates an important note.

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Items in square brackets - [<value>] - are optional.

The WFSC Commissioning Control Only template is used to change the shape of the primary mirror without taking any images. It is intended for initial deployments post-launch before instruments are powered on. A Wavefront Control File (provided by the WFSC Scientist) will be attached to each visit by the PPS Operator. The number of mirror move groups will always be 1 in the Wavefront Control File (i.e., only a single mirror move group will be executed onboard).

In addition to the following template parameters, this template will have the following special requirements added:


Note for developers: If one of the default special requirements is removed or the value changed, give an error. Also note that there is no science data to process for this template, so the DMS PRIORITY special requirement has no effect. 

General Information
Observation Numberassign observation numbernumber
Observation Labelprovide observation labeltext
Observation Commentsprovide observation commentstext
Special Requirementsspecify special requirementsdefaultSpecial requirements are provided by default (see description below)
Template specific information
Durationspecify estimated duration (in hours) needed to executenumber

General Information 


This parameter specifies the estimated DURATION [SCIENCE_DURATION], in hours, needed to execute the WFSC Commissioning Control Only visit.

Change log

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Version 1 (March 18, 2019)

  1. Initial version.