Articles in this area, “JWST Observatory and Instrumentation,” contain the types of content found in traditional instrument handbooks. The articles provide instrument-related information such as hardware descriptions, specifications, modes of operation, performance, and operational details. Also included are articles about the JWST telescope and spacecraft operations.

Other areas selectable from the menu are JWST Observation PlanningJWST Opportunities and Policies, and JWST Data Calibration and Analysis.

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Proposing Opportunities

Proposal Preparation

•    Understanding Exposure Times

•    General Proposal Planning Workflow

•    Example Science Programs

•    Recommended Observing Strategies

Proposing Tools

•    APT Observation Templates

•    ETC to APT Interface

    JWST APT-ETC Connectivity

•    Video Tutorials




•   JWST Acronyms and Abbreviations

•    Latest Updates

•    Help Desk 

•    General Proposal Planning Workflow

•   JWST Technical Documents


MIRI Observing Modes

MIRI Target Acquisition

MIRI Dithering

MIRI Mosaics

MIRI MRS Simultaneous Imaging 

MIRI Sensitivity

MIRI Bright Source Limits

MIRI Detectors and Readout

NIRISS Observing Modes

NIRISS Target Acquisition

NIRISS Dithering

NIRISS Mosaics

NIRISS Sensitivity

NIRISS Bright Source Limits

NIRISS Detector and Readout

NIRCam Observing Modes

NIRCam Target Acquisition

NIRCam Dithers and Mosaics

NIRCam Sensitivity

NIRCam Bright Source Limits

NIRCam Detectors and Readout

NIRSpec Observing Modes

NIRSpec Target Acquisition

NIRSpec Dithering

NIRSpec Sensitivity

NIRSpec Bright Source Limits

NIRSpec Detectors and Readout

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