Financial support is available for eligible JWST DD ERS investigators to develop and produce science-enabling products. Budget submissions must adhere to the 2018 STScI General Grants Provisions


It is anticipated that approximately $2.5M will be available to support the preparatory activities of successful DD ERS teams in FY19 and FY20. This should allow DD ERS teams to organize their processing and analysis pipelines in preparation for the receipt of data early in Cycle 1. A separate call for DD ERS budgets proposals for FY21 - FY23 will be issued at a later date.

Budget Requirements

All budget submissions must be in accordance with the STScI General Grant Provisions (Draft), February 2018, found on the JWST DD ERS Funding and Institutional Endorsement page, under Funding Eligibility. This document supersedes all previous versions in their entirety.

Budget proposals are reviewed in detail and evaluated to assess funding in accordance with the Guidance and Limitations for DD ERS Preparatory Funding (see below) and in conjunction with the work in the approved science proposals. Please ensure that all the components of the budget proposal are complete and in compliance with these requirements.  Missing or incomplete information may result in a reduction of funding allocated or approved for the program.

The budget proposal consists of:

  • Itemized Budget
  • Budget Narrative
  • Narrative Instruments (PI institution only)
  • Current & Pending Support
  • Certifications

Eligibility Requirements 

Note that "Section 3- Eligibility for STScI Grant Funding" of the GGP Feb. 2018 is superseded. See the "Eligibility for STScI Grant Funding" included in the JWST DD Early Release Science Budget Requirements [.pdf] document, and summarized on the JWST DD ERS Funding and Institutional Endorsement page.

Requested Costs

  1. Costs must be reasonable and allocable.
  2. Costs should reflect the work associated with the goals in the approved proposal. Work outside of the approved scope of work, or effort that is over-scoped in comparison with the approved proposal, will not be supported.
  3. All requested costs should be itemized in the budget. If a cost is listed in the budget and not in the budget narrative, or vice versa, a funding recommendation will be made based on what makes the most sense.
  4. Unallowable costs will be deducted from the request.

Budget Narrative

The required template is Budget Narrative Template JWST DD ERS Preparatory Funding.docx

  1. All costs should be well justified in the budget narrative. Unique or unusual costs should be highlighted and described.
  2. Include a detailed overview of the complete project and an explanation of how the science goals will be achieved.
  3. Breakdown of each science goal:
    1. Data reduction and analysis plans should be described in detail to justify the level of effort for which support is being requested.
    2. The budget effort of each participant involved in this goal (e.g., ... Jones: 0.95 months)
  4. Description of contributions of each Co-I, funded and non-funded, foreign and U.S.
  5. Justification of all non-labor costs (i.e., travel, computer equipment, publication charges, etc.). List any major science software packages that are expected to be used and if any resources will be developed or obtained from previous HST or JWST programs.

Guidance and Limitations for DD ERS Preparatory Funding

  1. Approximately $2.5 Million is expected in total funding to support these preparatory activities. Consequently, individual budgets proposals should be approximately 50% of the values submitted in the August 2017 preliminary budgets.
  2. The Statement of Work should provide a description of how the FY19 and FY20 work fits into the 5-year funding plan. Redundant requests will not be supported.
  3. FY19 and FY20 preparatory budgets can include software development, science activities, and travel to conferences to discuss the planned project.
  4. Teams can include requests for team meetings. 
  5. Requests can include costs to engage with the broader community engagement, specifically to meet the goals in project updates and status reviews (see JWST DD ERS Program Goals, Project Updates, and Status Reviews). This is not required in FY19, but activities are expected to ramp up once again in FY20.
  6. Costs can support preparatory observations made at ground-based observatories but should be a small portion of the preparatory funding budget (generally not more than 10%). 
  7. As a reminder, funding is always contingent upon availability from NASA. 

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