Observing overhead times are detailed for example NIRCam imaging programs. 

The Astronomers Proposal Tool, APT, charges users time and overheads for their observing programs, as summarized in the JWST Observing Overheads Summary.  Complete details are provided in the Visit Overheads Timing Model, including NIRCam Overheads.  Particularly relevant for NIRCam are the JWST Slew Times and Overheads.

Here we provide detailed analyses of exposure times and overheads charged to several example NIRCam imaging programs.  All obtain full-frame imaging in 7 filters using all 10 detectors:

For the first two programs, the primary dither patterns cover the short wavelength detector gaps within each module.  The final two programs additionally cover the larger gap between modules, so that each program images one contiguous region.

The first program is most efficient, and the rest are listed in decreasing order of efficiency.  (Note the Science times of these programs vary, exaggerating some of the differences in efficiency.)

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Published July 11, 2017


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