Articles in this area, “JWST Observation Planning,” provide content found in traditional instrument and proposing support handbooks, such as information on proposal tools, cookbooks, and observing strategies.

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Proposing Opportunities

Proposal Preparation

•    Understanding Exposure Times

•    General Proposal Planning Workflow

•    Example Science Programs

•    Recommended Observing Strategies

Proposing Tools

•    APT Observation Templates

•    ETC to APT Interface

    JWST APT-ETC Connectivity

•    Video Tutorials




•   JWST Acronyms and Abbreviations

•    Latest Updates

•    Help Desk 

•    General Proposal Planning Workflow

•   JWST Technical Documents


Proposing Considerations

Call for proposals
Proposal checklist
Duplication Checking 

Observatory considerations

Guide stars 
Target acquisition 
Specifying JWST position angles, ranges, and offsets
Data rate and volume limits
Target Visibility


Slit spectroscopy 
Slitless spectroscopy
High-contrast imaging (HCI)
Time-series observations
Moving targets
Integral field spectroscopy (IFU)
NIRSpec multi-object spectroscopy
Target of opportunity


Exposure Time Calculator (ETC)
Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT)
Target Visibility Tools
     General Target Visibility Tool
     Coronagraphic Visibility Tool
     Moving Target Visibility Tool
Backgrounds Tool
Space Telescope Image Product Simulator (STIPS)
PSF Simulation Tool (WebbPSF)
NIRSpec Observation Visibility Tool
NIRSpec MSA Spectral Visualization Tool



Recommended Strategies

MIRI Recommended Strategies
NIRCam Observing Strategies 
NIRISS Recommended Strategies
NIRSpec Observing Strategies

MIRI Science Use Cases

MIRI Coronagraphy of GJ 758 b

NIRCam Science Use Cases

NIRCam Deep Field Imaging
NIRCam Time Series Imaging of HAT-P-18 b
NIRCam Grism Time-Series Observations of GJ 436b

NIRISS Science Use Cases

NIRISS AMI Observations of Extrasolar Planets Around a Host Star
NIRISS WFSS with NIRCam Parallel Imaging of Galaxies in Lensing Clusters

NIRSpec Science Use Cases

NIRSpec MOS Observation of NGC 346
NIRSpec MOS Deep Extragalactic Survey
NIRSpec BOTS Observations of GJ 1214b

Cross Instrument Use Cases

NIRSpec and MIRI IFU Observations of Cas A
MIRI Imaging, MIRI MRS, and NIRSpec IFU Observations of SN1987A

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