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MAST staff members assist science users of JWST data (and data from other hosted missions) with searches, notifications, the use of visualization tools, and standard or scripted data access and retrievals. Archive staff will in addition assist JWST Observer teams and Archive Researchers with the preparation of high level science data products to be hosted at MAST.

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User support for MAST

MAST staff members will assist the general science community with issues related to archived data. Contact the Archive HelpDesk at if you need help with data searches or access, including:

  • setting up program data subscriptions or accessing data through notifications
  • searching for data with the Portal or with the API
    • including identifying planned JWST observations
  • visualizing data with Portal components
  • retrieving data via the Portal, the API, or batch
    • including authorizations to retrieve Exclusive Access protected data
  • accessing or using MAST catalogs (e.g., to cross-match against JWST planned or detected sources)
  • access to, or retrievals from, the JWST Engineering Database

Archive science staff will also assist JWST PI and Archival Research teams in preparing High-Level Science Products (HLSPs) that will be hosted by MAST.

High-level science products

HLSPs are required deliverables of funded JWST Archival Research programs, but are encouraged from any science team that uses JWST data as a part of their research. These data products should provide substantial science value to the general astronomical community, and have broader appeal beyond the original scope of the science goals for a particular program, or should provide technical insight into the preparation or execution of future science programs.

HLSPs are those derived at least in part from JWST (or another mission hosted at MAST) data holdings. These products generally include measurements of astrophysical target attributes, including:

  • locations
  • brightnesses
  • shapes
  • timeseries
  • spectral feature or light-curve characterizations

or other scientific attributes; or are:

  • stacks,
  • mosaics,
  • or other combinations

of images, spectra, or catalogs that are not produced by the standard processing pipelines. HLSPs for JWST may be be composed or derived in part from non-JWST data, including ground-based data, provided that they are critical to the goals of the primary JWST program.

Requirements for HLSP contributions

In order to enable meaningful searches on contributed datasets, and to provide a consistent and comprehensive set of metadata to users, there are a variety of requirements and recommendations for contributed data collections. See the HLSP Contributor Guide for details.


MAST Guidelines for HLSP Contributions

MAST YouTube videos of the Data Discovery Portal

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