Observatory Functionality

There are many aspects of the JWST observatory and its operations that determine if proposed observations can be carried out. The articles listed below provide various kinds of background information to help users understand some of these constraints and their impact on how observations are planned and scheduled.

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Proposing Considerations articles

Proposal process

2019-11-07_12-44-15_JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Opportunities

JWST Cycle 1 Single-Stream Proposal Process

JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Checklist and Resources

Proposal preparation tools

Other Tools

Observing constraints

JWST Position Angles, Ranges, and Offsets

JWST Observing Overheads and Time Accounting Overview

Components of the JWST Background

JWST Guide Stars

JWST Data Rate and Data Volume Limits

Proposal planning tips and examples

Methods and Roadmaps  (with articles on all major observing capabilities)

JWST Recommended Observing Strategies

JWST Example Science Programs

JWST Mosaic Overview

JWST Dithering Overview

JWST Duplication Checking



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