NIRSpec APT Templates

A JWST observing program that uses the NIRSpec instrument is designed by using the one of the NIRSpec templates in the Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT).

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NIRSpec offers 4 observing modes: multi-object spectroscopy, IFU spectroscopy, fixed slits spectroscopy, and bright object time-series spectroscopy. Each mode has its own APT template.

Step-by-step in APT

The step-by-step instructions for using the NIRSpec observing templates in the APT are provided in the following articles:

Creating an APT observation

To create a new NIRSpec observation, create or choose an Observation Folder* in the tree editor and click Add in the active GUI window. This will add a generic observation to the folder and open an observation form. The observation can be assigned a unique number and a text label (which does not need to be unique). Select NIRSpec from the Instrument drop-down parameter field. This populates the Template drop-down field with the NIRSpec templates; select one of them to continue working on the specifics of the observation.

* Bold italics style indicates words that are also parameters or buttons in software tools (like the APT and ETC). Similarly, a bold style represents menu items and panels.


Information on all available options and restrictions for NIRSpec templates are available in the proposal parameters NIRSpec Templates articles.



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