JWST Moving Target Useful References and Links

A collection of links to moving target-specific APT files, ETC workbooks, peer-reviewed publications, and webcasts

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Example APT files

The APT files from the Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) program are currently available here.

The APT files from the Early Release Science (ERS) program are currently available here.

APT files can also be downloaded by selecting File → Retrieve from STScI → Retrieve using Proposal ID, entering the proposal ID in the pop-up box, and clicking OK. Proposal IDs for the solar system GTO and ERS programs can be found at the links above and on the GTO & ERS 2-page flyer.

An example APT file for observations of solar system objects can be found, starting in APT 25.4.1, under File → JWST Demonstration Proposals → Solar System Example. This example file includes observations of minor bodies, comets, satellites, and giant planets using the instruments and modes most suitable for solar system programs.

Example ETC workbook

Main article: JWST ETC Using the Sample Workbooks

There is currently one example workbook for solar system observations available in the JWST ETC. See the figure and caption below for instructions on how to access this workbook.

Figure 1. Using sample workbooks

Sample workbooks can be accessed on the Available Workbooks page immediately after logging into the ETC (or choosing to work anonymously), as shown above. Simply click on the Get a Copy of a Sample Workbook drop down menu and select "Small Body Examples for JWST Solar System London Workshop" for a solar system example workbook. Then click the Load button after it is added to your available workbooks.

Published reports

PASP Special Issue: Innovative Solar System Science with the James Webb Space Telescope

Solar System Observations with the James Webb Space Telescope (Norwood et al., 2016)



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