JWST Operational Pipeline Build Information

Information about current and previous build deliveries of the calibration pipeline software, as well as known issues or shortcomings of each build and planned enhancements.

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The JWST Science Calibration Pipeline used by the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) to calibrate all JWST data is a subsystem of the JWST operational pipeline. It is updated on a regular basis. These updates are only pushed to MAST when there are builds of the operational pipeline, which usually include changes to other subsystems, about every three months.

In some cases, users might see patch releases in-between builds of the JWST operational pipeline. While these patches may not include changes to the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline, they still impact the calibration products. The JWST Science Calibration Pipeline can also be updated and released to users before it is integrated into the operational pipeline. These are done via minor releases of the jwst package via conda pip and are included in operations with the next operational build.

This article provides links to release notes for different builds of the operational pipeline and patches affecting the calibration products. When the information is maintained elsewhere, links are provided to that documentation.

The current build

The current build of the calibration pipeline is build 8.0—please refer to the release notes for additional details.

Known issues

The following issues were not resolved in the jwst calibration pipeline package (version 1.5.2) that was released with build 8.0:

  • The redesigned algorithm in the resample_spec step for computing the output WCS frame of NIRSpec fixed slit and MOS spectra is quite slow, resulting in processing times of hours for observations containing many slits/sources. A fix for this issue is ready for release in build 8.1.
  • The calwebb_image3 and calwebb_spec3 pipelines can occasionally fail with memory allocation errors when processing observations containing very large image mosaics or many hundreds of spectra. Improvements in memory management are underway and at least an initial phase of improvements will be released in build 8.1.

Also, the following infrastructure-related issues affect this build:

  • Due to a software bug, the NIRCam level-1b products for TSO grism data require manual developer intervention, which causes the timing information to be incorrect and prevents processing through stage 1 of the pipeline. This is targeted to be resolved in build 8.1. 
  • WFSS program data can produce a significant number of files, so ingestion of data into MAST may be delayed by a few days after completion of the program.

Future enhancements for the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline

STScI continues to actively validate the products produced by the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline as well as plan and assess recommendations for enhancements. Check back on July 14, 2022, for updates on planned fixes and future enhancements, along with the tentative timeline to include them in the Science Calibration Pipeline software.

Previous builds

As additional builds are delivered beyond build 8.0, this section will be populated with the earlier build information as a historical record of the ongoing changes to the JWST Science Calibration Pipeline.

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