JWST Data Analysis Visualization Tool

The JWST Data Analysis Visualization (Jdaviz) tool is a specific component of the broader analysis tool ecosystem designed to work seamlessly with Astropy within a Jupyter notebook. The visualization tools also may be operated as standalone desktop applications or as embedded windows within a website.  

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The tool currently has 4 configurations:

  • Imviz is an image viewer.
  • Specviz is a tool for visualization and quick-look analysis of 1D astronomical spectra. 
  • Mosviz is a visualization tool for viewing multi-object spectrograph data (e.g., JWST NIRSpec MOS mode), and includes viewers for 2D and 1D spectra as well as contextual information like on-sky views of the spectrograph slit.
  • Cubeviz provides access to and manipulation of spectroscopic data cubes (like those produced by JWST MIRI MRS or NIRSpec IFU), along with 1D spectra extractions from the cube.

  The Jdaviz tools have demonstration videos available:

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