JWST Cycle 1 Budget Preparation

Cycle 1 Budgets must be submitted through STGMS, and must include an uploaded PDF file containing the Budget Narrative. Templates for budget submission are provided.

The program policies are described in the General Grant Provisions. The STGMS User Guide describes how to access and use the Space Telescope Grants Management System (STGMS).

Webinar for JWST proposers

STScI Grants Administration hosted a webex discussion session for JWST proposers on April 22 2021

  • The presentation given by the Grants Administration is linked here.
  • The recording of the webex meeting is linked here.
  • Questions and Answers are linked here.

If you have any questions, please contact Grants Administration at gms_mail@stsci.edu .

Budget narrative template

Templates for JWST Cycle 1 Budget PDF attachments:

TemplatesLaTeXMicrosoft WordPDF
For all GO and AR budgets

Budget template

The detailed costs for the program are entered directly in STGMS. Full details on each category are given in Section 4 of the STGMS User Guide. Categories include

  1. Budget Administrative Data: 
  2. Indirect Costs:
  3. Narrative Instruments: This is a required section and only appears if you are the Program Admin PI. This section provides a quantitative estimate of the scale of the program.
  4. Salaries:

  5. Subcontracts & Purchase Orders: Including independent contractors, non-salaries employees (e.g. Emeritus personnel, graduate student tuition and fees)

  6. Travel:

  7. Equipment:

  8. Computer Services:

  9. Publication Costs: Preprints and color plates are considered publication costs.

  10. Supplies & Materials: 

  11. Other: Other costs are direct costs not included in the previously described categories. Do no include Travel in 'Other'

  12. Current & Pending Support: Current and Pending Support is a cycle-specific document required for all budgets. If the grant has a different Science PI and Admin PI, the information is required for the Science PI only. There is no standard format for this document as long as the following is included:
    • Funding Source
    • Amount Awarded
    • Number of Months of Investigator Salary
    • Project Period
    • Project Period
  13. Budget Narrative: A Budget Narrative document is required for all budgets. The FRC reviews the level of effort across the entire program in comparison to the resources requested. If adequate information is not provided or if the information provided is unclear, the FRC may reduce costs based on the level of effort they can identify as being contributed to the project.

Budget narrative

The PDF attachment must contain a Budget Narrative with sections that discuss the following topics.

  1. Summary of Contributions of all Investigators (listed on the accepted program): This section should clearly describe the contribution of each Investigator, including the Personnel Type (e.g. Faculty, Postdoc, Grad Student, etc.), Institution, Description of Scientific Involvement, Labor Funding Requested (Yes or No), and % Effort.

  2. Technical Program Summary: This section should include a single paragraph summary of the data sets being collected in this program and major aspects of the data analysis for which funding is being requested.

  3. Detailed Scope: The Program Administrative Investigator will provide the information requested below for the entire project. Co-Investigators will provide the information requested below for the portion of the project to be completed at their institution.
    • Include a detailed overview of the complete project, a breakdown of each science goal, and how the science goals will be achieved.
    • Include an estimated timeline for the project.
    • Include brief spending plan in budget justification: include estimated start date for salary; include tentative dates for travel.
    • Give a detailed breakdown of which aspects of the work all investigators and staff (funded and non-funded, U.S. and foreign) will perform, including Postdocs, Grad Students, and other staff.
    • Describe data reduction and analysis plans with detail to justify the level of effort.
    • Describe unique or unusual aspects of reduction and analysis, and how those aspects affect the project resources.
    • List and describe any major software packages to be used and if any resources will be developed or obtained from previous HST or JWST programs.

  4. Include a brief, clear narrative to justify each cost item, and include the basis of estimate (cost methodology) for administrative and clerical support, supplies, and materials (including coputing devices), and equipment.
    1. Salaries and Wages
    2. Fringe Benefits (See Section J.)
    3. Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
    4. Travel
      1. U.S. Travel
      2. Foreign Travel
    5. Supplies and Materials
    6. Computer Services
    7. Publication Costs
    8. Equipment
    9. Other
    10. Indirect Costs

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