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(tick) Know the deadlines

The Cycle 1 GO/AR budget deadline is May 20, 2021 by 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Please start your preparations early!

Only limited accommodation can be made for late proposals. Proposers who encounter difficulties in meeting this deadline should contact STScI Grants Administration for help at gms_mail@stsci.edu.

(tick) Check your eligibility for STScI grant funds

Important:  STScI grant funding is only available to eligible U.S. investigators. Carefully review the STScI General Grant Provisions (GGP), Section 3, Eligibility for STScI Grant Funding, for specific eligibility requirements. Investigators must meet the eligibility requirements at the time of budget submission and throughout the duration of the grant. Contact STScI Grants Administration if you have any questions regarding requirements or to determine if a person is eligible to request STScI grant funding.

Canadian Investigators are eligible for funding from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and should contact CSA for further information (email: jean.dupuis@canada.ca ). That process follows a different schedule with a different deadline.

Investigators from other countries should explore their national or international options for data analysis support.

(tick) Reach out to your Sponsored Projects Office

Contact your institution's Sponsored Projects Office for help with calculating the Budget and creating the Budget Narrative. Allowable expenses include

  • Salaries and Wages
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
  • Travel
  • Supplies and Materials, including computing devices
  • Computer Services
  • Publication Costs
  • Equipment
  • Other, including tuition, relocation, and any fees or costs not included in the specific cost categories.
  • Indirect Costs

(tick) Prepare your budget in the Space Telescope Grants Management System (STGMS)

  1. The Space Telescope Grants Management System (STGMS, https://stgms.stsci.edu) is used to submit your budget. If you do not have an STGMS account, please contact the Sponsored Programs Office at your institution to request access, or e-mail gms_mail@stsci.edu to learn who the listed account managers are for your institution.
  2. Find the Budget for your program in STGMS. The STGMS User Guide has detailed instructions for how to use Search Filters to find your approved observing program.
  3. Your Sponsored Projects Office can log into STGMS and assist filling out Budget sections such as Indirect Costs, Salaries, Subcontracts & Purchase Orders, Travel, Equipment, Computer Services, Publication Costs, Supplies & Materials, and Other.
  4. Add content to the Budget
    1. (Program Administrative Investigators only)  Fill out the Narrative Instruments Section within STGMS, entering the Number of Distinct Targets, the Instrument Name and # of Primary Science Images per Instrument
    2. Create and attach a *.pdf file describing their Current and Pending Support, and
    3. Create and attach a *.pdf file including the Budget Narrative

(tick) Getting help

Please contact STScI Grants Administration for any questions that you might have about eligibility or any other issues at gms_mail@stsci.edu or (410) 338-4200. Please include "JWST Budget Help" and the JWST program number in the subject line.

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