Joint JWST-HST Observing Programs

STScI will award time for joint programs in which JWST science is the prime science and where supporting observations from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) are critical for the proposed science goals.

Proposers that require observations from both JWST and HST can submit a single proposal in response to this Call to request time on both observatories. This avoids the “double jeopardy” of having to submit proposals to two separate reviews. JWST will be able to award up to 150 orbits of HST time (total) to highly rated proposals in the JWST TAC process. The expectation is that most HST allocations will be <20 orbits. Time will only be awarded to joint proposals if both data sets are required for the proposed science and JWST observations are the principal dataset. The proposed observations with JWST and HST are not required to be simultaneous. HST time will only be awarded in conjunction with new JWST observations, and should not be proposed in conjunction with an AR or Theory Proposal.

Joint JWST-HST Proposals must be identified in the ‘Special Requirements’ section of the proposal. Technical information about the HST observations should also be included in that section.

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