JWST Data Video and Notebook Tutorials

Links to video help and tutorials on the JWST data formats, JWST Science Validation Pipeline usage, how to address current know issues with the data, and post-pipeline JWST Data Analysis tools  are available in this article.

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This page provides links to articles published elsewhere in the JWST User Documentation that have notebooks useful to the community to understand JWST data, to learn how to reprocess their data, and to  address some of the currently known features and caveats  in the JWST Science Calibration data products.

Note some of the tutorials mentioned here might be also available via the JWST Observer YouTube channel which includes all webinars, recorded JWST town halls from AAS meetings, and other recordings not listed here. When you go to the JWST Observer channel, be sure to subscribe to it to see updates.

Links to data processing videos and notebooks

The articles listed here include notebooks that directly relate to the JWST Calibration Pipeline. These Jupyter Notebooks have been created in the context of the JWebbinars.

Links to workaround notebooks for know issues

Workaround Jupyter Notebooks is a set of notebooks with workaround suggestions for known issues in the latest JWST Science Calibration Pipeline products.These notebooks are available in GitHub and are intended to aid the community in mitigating issues that affect, or recently affected, data products available in the MAST Archive. For more information about all the current issues, including those that do not need a notebook, please refer to Known Issues with JWST Data Products

Data Analysis videos and notebooks

The article Data Analysis Example Jupyter Notebooks lists Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate expected science workflows using various JWST observing modes. While focused on JWST, they show useful workflows for analyzing data from other observatories as well.

JWST data video tutorials

JWST Data Video Tutorials provides links to video help and tutorials on the JWST data calibration pipeline, as presented in the JWebbinar series, as well as pointers to supporting materials from those webinars. It describes how to access the the JWebbinar video clips and supporting materials via the JWST Observer YouTube channel and the JWST Observer JWebbinar site.

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