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Last Updated  Nov 20, 2017

The call for Notices of Intent to Propose is now closed.

Each prospective team intending to submit a JWST DD ERS proposal must submit a Notice of Intent (NoI) to STScI by March 3, 2017 using the webform at https://proper.stsci.edu/proper/noticeOfIntent

A MyST account is required to access the NoI webform and to submit.  To create an account, to check whether you have an account, or to reset your password, go to https://profile.stsci.edu/proper/password/forgot and enter your e-mail address.

NoI submission is a required step of the proposal process.  Only teams who submit NoIs will be permitted to submit proposals, and will receive alerts regarding JWST DD ERS program updates or amendments that may occur until the proposal submission deadline.  In May 2017, STScI will issue detailed instructions on the proposal and budget submission process in the final version of the DD ERS Call for Proposals, as discussed on the cover page of this solicitation. 

Submission of an NoI is required to help STScI to prepare for the proposal review.  DD ERS NoI materials will be treated confidentially to the extent allowed by the proposal review preparation process.

The NoI requires the following information, provided to the best of the proposing team’s knowledge at the time of NoI submission:

  • a proposal title,
  • the name, email address, and affiliation of the Principal Investigator (PI),
  • the name(s), email address(es), and affiliation(s) of up to two Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs), if any,
  • the name(s), email address(es), and affiliation(s) for as many of the Co-Investigators as are known at the time of NOI submission,
  • the name(s), email address(es), and affiliation(s) for as many of the Science Collaborators as are known at the time of NOI submission,
  • an overview of the anticipated proposal, not to exceed 300 words, describing:

Proposal title, PI, any Co-PIs, and the proposal overview are entered directly into the webform.  A single text file listing Co-Is and Science Collaborators is uploaded per the instructions on the webform page.