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The James Webb Space Telescope will offer proposal opportunities for General Observers (GO), Guaranteed-Time Observers (GTO), and Early Release Science Programs (DD ERS) during Cycle 1. JWST is scheduled for launch in March 2021. Science observations will commence after a 6 month commissioning phase, with Cycle 1 proposals deadline TBD.

We invite scientists to participate in the first cycle of investigations with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). JWST is an international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). JWST is operated and managed by AURA's Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). The links below provide information, policies, deadlines, and instructions for proposing opportunities with JWST in Cycle 1.

Important Dates

Based on recommendations made by the JWST Standing Review Board, NASA is re-scheduling JWST’s launch window for 2021. Given those circumstances, STScI will delay the Cycle 1 GO/AR proposal deadline until no earlier than February 1, 2020

A revised proposal schedule will be developed in consultation with the JWST Users Committee, the JWST Project and representatives from the European and Canadian Space Agencies. Proposals already submitted in response to the Cycle 1 Call will not be carried over and will need to be resubmitted.

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