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Last Updated  Mar 30, 2017

JWST Exposure Time Calculator

The JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) is a  pixel-based ETC paired with a modern graphical user interface. It supports all JWST observing modes: imaging, spectroscopy (slitted, slitless, and IFU), coronagraphy, and aperture masking interferometry.  

It has advanced features that go well beyond those in previous exposure time calculators; this includes algorithms that accurately model data acquisition and post-processing, as well as functionality for users to efficiently explore parameter space. The graphical user interface provides enhanced capabilities supporting multiple workflows. For example, users can create workbooks to manage related sets of calculations, can create complex astronomical scenes with multiple sources, and can compare the results of multiple calculations.

External JWST ETC links and documents

go to the on-line JWST Exposure Time Calculator Tool

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Pandeia: a multi-mission exposure time calculator for JWST and WFIRST

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