the JWST user documentation is under development; current versions are preliminary and subject to revision.

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The Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT) is a GUI-based software package proposers use to write, validate, and submit proposals for the James Webb Space Telescope.  (A separate branch of the tool is used for proposing to the Hubble Space Telescope as well.)  This Landing page provides a high level view into the documentation available to support users in learning and using the APT software.

The JWST Astronomer's Proposal Tool is under development and subject to updates. Current documentation is based on APT v25.1.1, and may be revised with future APT releases.

This page provides quick access to articles on many aspects of APT.  In turn, many of these articles link to more detailed descriptions or to instrument-specific information that will support proposers in understanding JWST and proposing for observation time.

APT has several key sections:

  • The Form Editor provides the main interface for viewing and entering proposal contents. (A Spreadsheet Editor is also available, but with less functionality.)
  • The Visit Planner is used for checking the schedulability of proposed observations, 
  • Aladin is an interactive sky viewing tool that's integrated into APT. It's used to help observers visualize their observations, by projecting their exposure specifications on image data. 
  • The Submission button is for submitting completed proposals

There are additional features in APT, as shown in the tool's top tool bar or the APT pull down menus.  An APT Help article describes several different ways of getting assistance with APT-related tasks.