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JWST user documentation, informally known as "JDox," is available as a collection of articles on the Web. Unlike conventional HST handbooks, JDox is intended as an agile, user-friendly source of information that follows the Wikipedia-like Every Page is Page One (EPPO) philosophy. Our goal is to provide short, focused, well-linked articles that provide the kinds of information found in traditional HST instrument handbooks, data handbooks, and calls for proposals.

All JDox articles are separated into four sections: (1) JWST Observatory and Instrumentation, (2) JWST Observation Planning, (3) JWST Opportunities and Policies, and (4) JWST Data Calibration and Analysis. These articles provide details about the observatory and instruments, descriptions of tools used for proposing, advice on observing strategies, “cookbooks” that guide users through the proposal preparation process, as well as information about calibration and analysis of JWST data. 

While downloadable PDF files for these four JDox sections will be generated for each cycle, the online content will be constantly updated with the latest information.

A  graphical guide  is available on how to get started exploring this website using the navigation bar, search bar, and links, as well as the page tree on the right of each page.

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