Calibration Reference Files

The STScI JWST calibration pipeline automatically processes data for all available observing modes, and provides science-ready calibrated data for these modes. Details of the calibration pipeline architecture and algorithms can be found here.

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Each branch of the calibration pipeline uses a set of instrument-specific reference files that ensure the calibration pipeline meets its accuracy requirements. The reference files are instrument-specific, and are periodically updated as the data process evolves and the understanding of the instruments improves. Calibration reference files are stored in the Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS).

Reference file types

The full list of Reference File Types provides the most current information on all the individual reference files used by the JWST instruments in the different calibration pipeline stages. The table includes links to more details about header keywords, format, and the instruments for which the reference files are used.

Calibration Reference Data System

Calibration reference files are stored in the Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS). CRDS is directly integrated with calibration steps and pipelines, and the reference file mappings are set by default to always access the most recently delivered reference files according to certain selection rules (for example, instrument and filter used for an observation). The calibration pipeline pages provide more information about CRDS.


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DMS Level 1 and 2 Data Product Design

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