JWST APT Training Examples and Video Tutorials

The article provides connection to two kinds of training materials, short videos and text walk-throughs of various tasks, that can help users learn how to use APT.

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APT is used by both HST and JWST proposers to plan and submit their observing proposals. There are generic aspects of APT that are used by both branches, and then there are aspects that are specific to one or the other of these missions. Since APT has been around for a number of years on the HST side, there are HST or generic APT training materials and videos available, some of which are general enough to be useful for JWST users as well.  However, we have also begun the process of providing JWST-specific training and video materials.

The training materials come in two formats: a) online "text" files with screen shots that walk you through a particular functionality or example in APT, and b) in some cases a short video tutorial that covers the same topic. Currently, 4 video JWST-specific help examples are available, as shown below.  See a list of movies below.

Documentation for JWST APT (Updated for APT 25.4.2)

TitleTextMovie Length


Target IngestYes-
Running Smart AccountingYes-
Assigning Position AnglesYes-
Resolving Scheduling Problems with JWST MosaicsYes-

APT Training materials written for HST (but useful for JWST)

Aladin interface training materials written for HST (but useful for JWST until they can be redone)

Aladin is the tool for visualizing observations in APT.

Additional JWST-specific help examples and video training support is in the planning stages and  will be added as they become available.  

If you have specific suggestions for additional help support that is needed, we suggest providing this input via the JWST Help Desk.



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  • Updated for APT 25.4.2; added new Aladin-APT video links.

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