JWST APT Functionality Examples

Descriptions of functionalities in the Astronomer Proposal Tool (APT)  and demonstration proposals are available to help users familiarize themselves with proposal preparation.

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The JWST Project is providing some example articles with accompanying proposals in APT to demonstrate important functionalities in APT. There are currently two functionality articles, but others will be added over time.

The left column in Table 1 links to pages with titles describing a functionality, while the right column lists the name of the corresponding proposal examples available within APT. Topic and description pages can be used as a stand-alone reference, or in conjunction with the example APT file loaded.

To access the example proposal files, open APT, click on File in the tool menu (located at the top left of your computer screen) and hover over JWST Demonstration Proposals. You will see a list of example APT proposals that include those listed in Table 1. Those examples can be used with the page descriptions, modified as desired as part of your own training exercises, and either saved or discarded at the end of your APT session.

Table 1. Observing scenarios with example APT proposals

Topic and description pagesAPT demonstration proposal names

JWST APT Simple Mosaic Example

Mosaic Example
JWST APT Coronagraphic Sequence Examples

MIRI Coronagraphy Example;

NIRCam Coronagraphy Example



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